The NWMB shall meet at least twice per year and may meet as often as it deems fit (NLCA 5.2.14).

Generally, the NWMB holds quarterly in-person meetings during the second week of June, September, December and March; unless circumstances require that it meets at another time. These are commonly referred to as Regular Meetings.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as required.

As an institution of public government, the NWMB is committed to an overall policy of openness and transparency, and to conducting as much of its wildlife management business as possible on the public record.  Accordingly, all Board meetings – except in camera and internal in camera meetings - are open to the public.

The NWMB generally provides written notice of a pending quarterly meeting at least sixty (60) days before the scheduled first day of the meeting. Notice is distributed to relevant government departments, Inuit Organizations, and non-government organizations, and is posted on the NWMB website. The notice includes a request for agenda items.

Next Regular Meeting: December 5th, 2018

Location:  Nunavut Wildlife Management Board, Iqaluit, NU

To view the notice for RM 004-2018 please click here: RM_004-2018_NOTICE_-_ENG.pdf

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RM 004-2018 - Iqaluit - December 5, 2018

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