Trivia questions will be updated every second Monday and run for 2 weeks. Please fill out the form below to provide an answer to this week’s trivia contest. Emails will be checked regularly and you will be contacted whether your answer is correct or not. After the two-week contest closes, the names of those who provided the correct answer will be entered into a draw. The correct answer will then be posted below. The winner will receive an NWMB swag item. Good Luck!

This week's question: 

 What is the largest fish found in Nunavut waters?

Deadline: April 6, 2015 at 5:00PM Eastern Time

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Previous Trivia Contest Answers

What common barren-ground caribou disease is caused by bacteria that are spread through the afterbirth and fluids during calving, and causes swelling in the caribou’s reproductive organs and leg joints?

ANSWER: Brucellusis (Brucella suis

Which two greenhouse gases, currently frozen inside the permafrost, would be released in large quantities if the permafrost melted?

ANSWER: Methane and Carbon Dioxide

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