The NWMB is an institution of public government, non-profit corporation and a co-management body.

The Board was incorporated under Section 10(1) of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (NLCA). As a corporation, it has the capacity, rights, powers, and privileges of a natural person. It has By-laws and Operating Procedures. It enters into contracts. It has employees and advisors.

In its capacity as in institution of public government, the Board acts as an independent administrative agency forming part of the broad structure of public government within Canada. Therefore, the NWMB is, at the same time, both independent and a part of government.

The Board is part of government in that it assists in the overall task of governing, by carrying out governmental functions. However, the role that it plays in this overall task is an independent one. It does not take instructions from, or do the bidding of, other branches of public government. Rather, it takes its instructions from the NLCA, and carries out its “governing tasks” as an independent body.

The NWMB’s independence is not absolute. Although it arrives at its decisions independently, ultimate responsibility for wildlife management in Nunavut rests with the legislative and executive branches of Government, who are elected by and therefore much more directly answerable to the public.

As a corporation and an institution of public government, the NWMB has developed into a model modern administrative agency. Its operation is run in an efficient and economic manner, and is built upon a solid foundation of sound By-laws, Operating Procedures, Financial Policies and Management Policies.  

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