Folder Written Public Hearing to Consider Approval of the Narwhal Flexible Quota System and Tag Transfer Policy Phase II


Folder Summary

1.    The NWMB shall provide notice to the public at least thirty (30) days prior to the deadline for filing hearing submissions.

2.    Any interested person or body may file with the NWMB a written submission and supporting documentation[1] in response to Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Proposal, or otherwise regarding the Narwhal Flexible Quota System and Tag Transfer Policy Phase II – duly translated into Inuktitut or English as the case may be – by no later than 5:00 p.m. (Iqaluit time) on August 12th, 2016.

3.    Unless persuasive written and translated reasons are provided to the NWMB for late filing, the NWMB will not consider materials for this hearing that are not filed on time.

4.    The requirement for translation of submissions and supporting documentation filed with the NWMB does not apply to individual members of the public.

5.    For all others who file supporting documentation with the NWMB, the requirement for translation does not apply to such documents over ten (10) pages in length, as long as each supporting document that is not translated is accompanied by a concise, translated summary (English and Inuktitut) at least two (2) pages in length.

6.    The NWMB shall ensure that all materials filed with it or produced by it are made publicly available, subject to relevant confidentiality or privacy concerns.

7.    Any representative or agent of the Government of Canada or Government of Nunavut, any Hunters and Trappers Organization or Regional Wildlife Organization and any Inuk shall be accorded the status of party for the hearing.

8.    Unless invited by the NWMB to be a party, any other person or body wishing to be named as a party by the NWMB shall make an appropriate request in writing to the NWMB.

[1]Supporting documentation” refers to one or more studies, articles, opinions or other documents separate from a person’s or organization’s written submission, filed as additional evidence and/or argument in support of that person’s or organization’s submission.