In 1993, the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board (NWMB or Board) was established as an institution of public government pursuant to Section 5.2.1 of the Nunavut Agreement, and incorporated under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act (NLCAA). The NWMB must regularly consider wildlife management issues which are complex and sometimes controversial, and that routinely address the proposed limitation of Inuit harvesting rights. The Board is committed to the discharge of its responsibilities in an open, transparent, fair and timely manner.

This Governance Manual is intended to describe:

1. The NWMB’s mandate and responsibilities (Part 1);

2. The NWMB’s organizational and administrative structure (Part 2);

3. NWMB policies and procedures which govern meetings, hearings and decisions (Parts 3 to 5);

4. NWMB expectations of the participants attending its meetings and hearings (Parts 3 to 5); and

5. NWMB communications policies and procedures (Part 6).

Provisions from the Nunavut Agreement and other legal documents are referenced as appropriate. In the interests of brevity and plain language, some provisions have not been cited verbatim. The reader is therefore advised that the original legal instruments should be consulted for the definitive statement of any provision.

The NWMB reserves the right to modify any part of this Governance Manual if and when a change to it is deemed appropriate by the Board. The NWMB will promptly provide written notice to relevant co-management partners of any substantive modifications to the Manual.

Governance Manual

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