Notice and Submission Timelines

In most instances, the NWMB provides a minimum of sixty (60) days’ notice of the date, time and place of a hearing, and requires that written response submissions be filed at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the hearing. However, circumstances relevant to any particular hearing may require the Board to increase or decrease such periods of time, subject to the requirements of procedural fairness. Also for reasons of fairness, the Board reserves the right to exclude from the hearing any submissions that are not filed on time. 

Response submissions:

Written response submissions do not require a specific format for submission to the NWMB but should including a response to the Proposal for Decision or other concerns with the Proposal for Decision and should include all relevant supporting documentation.

All written response submissions and supporting documentation to a Proposal for Decision must be filed with the NWMB –in English and Inuktitut-by the date noted in the public notice or invitation letter that is issued by the NWMB. Submissions may be filed with the Board in-person, by courier or by mail and should clearly indicate that the submission is with respect to the hearing. Delivery of submissions may also be made through fax or electronic transmission, but only if it is confirmed by phone with the NWMB –prior to the deadline of submissions –that a complete and legible copy of the transmission has been received by the NWMB.

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