Upon the signing of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement (NLCA), the federal government provided a one-time payment of $11 million to the NWMB. This money was used to establish the Nunavut Wildlife Research Trust (NWRT), which was created to fund wildlife research conducted by territorial and federal government departments.  The NWRT provides an annual allocation to address wildlife research priorities as identified by the NWMB through its identification of NWMB and Regional Wildlife Management and Research Priorities in the three regions of Nunavut.

Each year in December, the Trustees of the NWRT determine the amount of funding that will be available in each funding period based on the performance of the Trust. The NWMB responsibly manages the Trust to ensure that the funds continue to grow and are therefore available for wildlife research over the long-term.

Thanks to sound financial management, the fund’s current value is approximately $20 million, and has permitted the annual allocation of  approximately $700,000 to $800,000 to researchers from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Wildlife Service (Environment Canada), Parks Canada, and the Government of Nunavut Department of Environment since its inception in 1994.  The performance of the NWRT is updated yearly in the NWMB’s annual reports.

To apply for funding please go to https://nwmb.smapply.io/prog/nunavut_wildlife_research_trust/

For more information please refer to the funding guide below:


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