The NWMB’s 2019 Allocation Policy for Commercial Marine Fisheries (Allocation Policy) provides a fair, open, and transparent process to determine access and allocations for Nunavut-based commercial fishers in the marine waters adjacent to Nunavut. In addition, the 2019 Allocation Policy ties continued access and allocations to the development and achievement of performance goals and targets. As a result, Nunavut occupies a leading-edge position in terms of contemporary Canadian fisheries policy.

Annual Reports

In order to ensure resources allocated under the 2019 Allocation Policy are properly managed, sub-allocation holders are required to submit Annual Reports every year that is not the first year of an allocation cycle. In addition to providing updates regarding the sub-allocation holder’s progress towards objectives outlined in its Application for Allocation, sub-allocation holders must submit required documents, including a Public Executive Summary.

For the Public Executive Summary, sub-allocation holders must provide a three to five-page summary of the annual activities. The summary must include a table summarizing commitments made, adherence to these commitments, and future commitments.

 2021 Annual Reports: Public Executive Summary2021 Annual Reports: Public Executive Summary





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