Before a submission is added to the agenda of an NWMB meeting, each submission must:

1. Address an issue within the NWMB mandate;

2. Be designated by the Board as appropriate for inclusion at the meeting;[1]

3. Be received at least 28 days before the first day of the meeting;

4. Include a translated copy of the submission;

5. Be delivered in both Word (or Excel as appropriate) and PDF format;

6. Include an estimate of the time required to orally present the issue; and

7. Be provided in the following below format.


Format for Submissions to Nunavut Wildlife Management Board Meetings




Information:  Check One                                          Decision: Check One

Issue: Describe each issue in a single succinct sentence.


Provide a succinct description of the context for the issue which will permit the Board to understand:

(a)        how the issues relates to the NWMB mandate;

(b)        why the issue is being presented;

(c)        the key facts and circumstances relating to the issue; and

(d)        the estimated time required to orally present the issue (excluding questions/discussion).

Keep the language as non-technical as reasonably possible.

Anticipate the questions that the NWMB may ask.


Summarize the consultations which have been undertaken before submitting the issue to the NMWB. This summary should include the following:

(a)      the means of consultation;

(b)      a list of the organizations consulted and an estimate of the number of individuals consulted, including members of the public; and

(c)      a summary of the results, including any responses or accommodations to issues, concerns, etc. raised during the consultations.


Options for addressing the issue or a recommended course of action

Prepared by:

Include name, affiliation and phone number of the person who prepared the submission.


Date that the submission was prepared.


Parties are also expected to respect the time allotted for their oral presentation by the Board, so that the NWMB may effectively manage the agenda. The CCEO, at his discretion, may request a party to terminate the presentation if it exceeds the allotted time.

Power point presentations must be translated and submitted with other briefing material.

Any submitted document that is more than fifteen (15) pages in length must be accompanied by a translated summary statement between one (1) and three (3) pages in length. 

Any restrictions on the use and distribution of the materials (e.g. whether the material is confidential or not) must be clearly indicated in writing to the COO at the time of submission. In the absence of any such indication, the NWMB will treat the material as public information.

The NWMB may, on occasion, establish an earlier deadline for submissions to provide sufficient time for adequate review by staff and members. The NWMB will ensure that all parties are notified accordingly.

[1] If a submission is not designated as appropriate for inclusion in a Board meeting, the NWMB will direct it either for correspondence or for inclusion in the next available Board conference call. The NWMB will promptly inform the relevant individual or agency in writing of its determination.  

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