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Nunavut Wildlife Management Board

The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board is an Institution of Public Government established in 1994. The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board was established in accordance with the Nunavut Agreement which was ratified on May 25, 1993. The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board is the main instrument of wildlife management and the main regulator of access to wildlife in the Nunavut Settlement Area. The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board’s vision is “conserving wildlife through the application of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and scientific knowledge." The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board mission is to conserve wildlife and wildlife habitat for the long-term benefit of all Nunavut residents while fully respecting Inuit harvesting rights and priorities.


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Trailmark Systems

At Trailmark Systems we are driven by our commitment to understanding the human dimensions of natural resources, integrating multiple ways of knowing, and creating genuine, long-lasting community partnerships. Our approach is trans-disciplinary from the ground up - we are a team of anthropologists, geographers, biologists, planners, and software developers dedicated to partner with and help build capacity for local and indigenous communities. We are specialized in developing custom web and database applications and mobile software products for environmental data information management and technology.


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NovaSila Wildlife Consulting

NovaSila specializes in wildlife management, sustainable use, consultations, and project coordination prepared and delivered with the target audience firmly in mind. Based in the Maritimes and with extensive experience in northern Canada, NovaSila Wildlife Consulting aims to provide a complete picture of the best available information, including scientific research, traditional knowledge, community-led initiatives, and the first-hand observations of resource users.


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Juniper Systems Inc.

Founded in 1993, Juniper Systems (Juniper) is now a world-leader in ultra-rugged hand-held computers and intuitive field computing solutions. Juniper designs, manufactures, and services all of its products and works closely with customers and business partners locally and internationally to create integrated solutions.



Pilot Study Partners

The Nunavut Wildlife Management Board would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the following partners to the successful development and implementation of the Community-based Monitoring Network Pilot Study:

·         IMG-Golder Corporation

·         Golder Associates Limited

·         Noreca Consulting

·         Thorpe Consulting Services

·         EverNorth Consulting

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