The Conservation Education Program has produced numerous resources, both independently and in cooperation with our co-management partners and other agencies. In this section you will find a sample of these resources that are available for download and use by you or your organization to promote conservation initiatives related to the NWMB’s wildlife management functions.

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The NWMB’s main purpose for the establishment of a Wildlife Conservation Education Program is to establish an in-house program to undertake initiatives that are of direct interest to the NWMB to assist the Board in carrying out its wildlife management roles and responsibilities as per the Nunavut Agreement.

Conservation Education initiatives will be:

  •          Restricted to projects and initiatives that are developed and led by the NWMB;
  •          Focused on conservation initiatives related to the NWMB’s wildlife management functions;
  •          Conducted in a manner that involves Inuit and co-management partners in its development and application; and
  •          Administered in the most cost- and time-efficient manner.

For the fiscal year 2014-2015, the NWMB will pursue the following initiatives for its Conservation Education Program:

  •          Biweekly Wildlife Trivia Contest on the NWMB website;
  •          Activity Book
  •          All-Terrain Vehicles Impacts and Mitigation Poster
  •          Science and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Wildlife Facts Playing Cards

Try our version of this classic game.
Match the animals by clicking on the squares.
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At the click of the button you can scramble the polar bear picture, but can you put it back together?

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Here's a different picture ....can you put the caribou back together?
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How well do you listen to the animals? Listen and match the 15 animal sounds you hear to the list of animals provided.
Requires a sound enabled PC
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How well do you know your facts about the animals in the north?
Take this quiz and test your knowledge.
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