Folder 2015


Folder #2-15-01: Monitoring wolverines – noninvasive and community-based initiative
Folder #2-15-02: Kivalliq Caribou Monitoring
Folder #2-15-03: Southampton Island Caribou Survey
Folder #2-15-04: Gulf of Boothia Polar Bear Genetic Mark-Recapture
Folder #2-15-05: M'Clintock Channel Polar Bear Genetic Mark-Recapture
Folder #2-15-06: South Baffin Island Caribou Fall Composition/Demographic Surveys
Folder #2-15-07: Genetic sampling, composition, and demographics survey of Prince Charles Island and central Baffin Island Barrenground caribou
Folder #2-15-13: Kane Basin Polar Bear Genetic Mark-Recapture: Satellite Collar Recovery
Folder #3-15-01: Movement and habitat use of Greenland Halibut and other marine fishes in Cumberland Sound
Folder #3-15-02: Bowhead whale movements and ecology
Folder #3-15-03: Eastern Arctic Marine Milti-species Survey
Folder #3-15-04: Jones Sound Narwhal Study
Folder #3-15-07: Fishery Independent Biological Sampling of Cambridge Bay Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus) Stocks: Completion of the Jayko and Halokvik Rivers
Folder #3-15-08: Determination of stock and climate effects on Arctic Char juvenile growth
Folder #3-15-10: Western Hudson Bay Beluga Population Survey
Folder #3-15-12: Development of a community-based program for monitoring and early detection of aquatic invasive species in the Canadian arctic - preparing for increased shipping related to resource development and climate change
Folder 3-15-11: Kivalliq Community Knowledge for Multispecies Harvest and Habitat Assessment

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