Folder 2019


Folder 2-19-01 Kitikmeot wolverines monitoring – non-invasive and community-based initiative
Folder 2-19-03 Kivalliq caribou monitoring
Folder 2-19-06 Understanding the spatial, temporal, and behavioural effects of wolf predation on mainland migratory barren-ground caribou dynamics
Folder 2-19-07 Peary caribou, muskox, and wolves on the Bathurst Island Complex
Folder 2-19-08 North and Central Baffin Island caribou spring composition survey
Folder 2-19-09 South Baffin Island caribou spring composition survey
Folder 3-19-02 Ecosystem monitoring in Tremblay Sound
Folder 3-19-03 Killer whale impact on local marine mammal stocks in Eclipse Sound
Folder 3-19-04 Inferring walrus distribution and stock structure from trace elements and genetics
Folder 3-19-06 Sylvia Grinnell Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus): stock, creel survey and DIDSON sonar assessments
Folder 3-19-07 Pond Inlet Arctic char fishery development research program
Folder 3-19-08 Cumberland Sound beluga and bowhead photo-ID and genetic mark-recapture analysis
Folder 3-19-09 Community-based fisheries monitoring in Qikiqtarjuaq fishing areas
Folder 3-19-14 Long-term monitoring of Arctic char migrations, dispersal, and habitat preferences in the Cambridge Bay Region of Nunavut through the use of acoustic telemetry
Folder 3-19-15 Fishery independent sampling of Cambridge Bay Arctic char with emphasis on the Lauchlan River stock: year 2 of 5
Folder 5-19-02 Regional and range-wide causes of decline for shorebirds of the Kivalliq

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