2-18-07 Kivalliq caribou monitoring
2-18-08 Igloolik Nunavut Coastal Resource Inventory (NCRI)
2-18-09 Baker Lake -Nunavut Coastal Resource Inventory (NCRI)
2-18-10 Dolphin and Union Caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus x pearyi) movement monitoring 2018-2021
2-18-12 Kitikmeot wolverines monitoring–noninvasive and community-based initiative
2-18-13 Abundance and distribution of Peary caribou and muskoxen on Axel Heiberg Island
2-18-15 Re-estimating the abundance of the Davis Strait polar bear subpopulation via genetic mark-recapture sampling
3-18-01 Eclipse Sound killer whale diet and impact on narwhals
3-18-02 Pond Inlet Arctic Char Fishery Development Research Program
3-18-03 Sylvia Grinnell Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus): Stock, Creel Survey and DIDSON Sonar Assessments
3-18-04 Preliminary meetings in the three regions to discuss potential harvest increase studies on Arctic Char
3-18-05 Fishery Independent Sampling of Cambridge Bay Arctic Char with Emphasis on the Lauchlan River Stock Project funded
3-18-06 Long-term Monitoring of Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus) Migrations, Dispersal and Habitat Preference in the Cambridge Bay Region of Nunavut Through the Use of Acoustic Telemetry
3-18-07 Cumberland Sound bowhead and beluga whale photo-identification and genetic mark-recapture analysis
3-18-08 Community-based fisheries monitoring in Qikiqtarjuaq Fishing Areas
3-18-09 Northern Hudson Bay Narwhal population aerial survey
3-18-14 Development of a community-based fishery-independent survey for Greenland Halibut in Cumberland Sound
3-18-15 Assessment of marine fish and invertebrate resources near Pond Inlet, Nunavut
3-18-16 Ecosystem Approach in Tremblay Sound (EAT 2018): Using an ecosystem approach to better understand Narwhal movements and the potential for impacts of shipping
5-18-01 Regional and range-wide causes of decline for shorebirds of the Kivalliq

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