[PLEASE NOTE: The NWMB is currently in the process of populating the Decisions Database and the NWMB expects to in the near future compile the database with all previous NWMB decisions.]

The NWMB is committed to operating in an open and transparent manner as wildlife resources in Nunavut are common property. All of the NWMB’s recommendations, decisions and other actions associated with the management and development of such public resources need to be made in a way that is transparent to the public. In order to fulfill this commitment, the NWMB maintains a decision database of all NWMB decisions.

The decisions database will disclose all associated information that accompanies NWMB decisions, subject to laws of general application and access to information as if it were a government department (S 5.2.31 Nunavut Agreement). In addition, the NWMB will take into account the objects of the NLCA where it has the discretion to disclose information to a member of the public (S 5.2.32 Nunavut Agreement).

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