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pdf NWSF-2010_Foxe Basin Polar Bear Movements, Habitat Selection, Population Delineation & Inuit QaujimajatuqangnitInterim_Progress Report_ENG ( pdf, 4.44 MB ) (9363 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2010_Inuit Qauyimayatuqangit on the Western Hudson Bay Polar Bear, Arviat_Interim Report_ENG ( pdf, 192 KB ) (8427 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2010_Kugluktuk Harvesters Calendar_Interim Report_ENG ( pdf, 98 KB ) (8446 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2010_Western Hudson Bay Polar Bear Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Survey_Final Report_ENG ( pdf, 236 KB ) (9003 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2011_Effects of Development on Movements of Caribou_Interim Report_ENG ( pdf, 101 KB ) (8522 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2016_ Metal-Related Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage in Ringed Seal Population from the Strathcona Sound (Arctic Bay, Nunavut)_Report_ENG ( pdf, 1.77 MB ) (613 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2017_Inuit knowledge about the impact of light geese abundance on land, wildlife and people, and recommendations for light geese management in the Kivalliq region, Nunavut_Final Report_ENG ( pdf, 535 KB ) (2952 downloads) Popular
document NWSF-2018-006_Anthropogenic impacts on seabirds in Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut_Final Report_ENG ( docx, 1.00 MB ) (606 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2019-004_Caribou Pangnirtung Walking Survey_Final Report_ INUK_ENG ( pdf, 84 KB ) (871 downloads) Popular
document NWSF-2019-01_Ringed Seal Health Study in Iqaluit, NU_Final Report ( docx, 132 KB ) (575 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2020-001_Preliminary Study on Beluga Health Comparison in Arviat, NU_Final report_ENG ( pdf, 111 KB ) (448 downloads) Popular
pdf NWSF-2020-003_Pond Inlet killer whale biopsy and photograph collection_Final Report_ENG ( pdf, 4.69 MB ) (764 downloads) Popular

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