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2-21-01 Final Report: Baffin Caribou Health Monitoring Download (1.50 MB)
2-21-02 Final Report: South Baffin Collaring Download (571 KB)
2-21-03 Final Report: South Baffin Composition Survey Download (1.91 MB)
2-21-04 Final Report: An abundance survey of the Ahiak Barren-ground caribou subpopulation of the Northeast Mainland (NEM) of Nunavut Download (9.19 MB)
2-21-05 Final Report: Kivalliq Ungulate Monitoring Download (5.26 MB)
2-21-07 Final Report: An abundance survey of the Wager Bay and Lorillard Barren-ground caribou subpopulations of the Northeast Mainland (NEM) of Nunavut Download (9.19 MB)
2-21-09 Final Report: Use of trail cameras to estimate cow:calf ratios, calf mortality and predator abundance on the Bathurst caribou herd calving grounds Download (3.02 MB)
2-21-10 Final Report: Dolphin and Union Caribou movement monitoring 2021-2025 Download (690 KB)
2-21-11 Final Report: Muskox distribution and abundance of Central Mainland, Nunavut (MX-11) Download (4.65 MB)
2-21-14 Final Report: Re-estimating the abundance of the Lancaster Sound polar bear subpopulation via genetic mark-recapture sampling Download (4.63 MB)
3-21-01 Final Report: Bay Arctic Char with Emphasis on the Fishery Independent Sampling of Cambridge Lauchlan River Stock: Year 3 of 5 Download (427 KB)
3-21-03 Final Report: High Arctic Beluga Whale Stock Structure Download (371 KB)
3-21-04 Final Report: Population structure and ecology of killer whales in the eastern Canadian Arctic Download (177 KB)
3-21-05 Final Report: Inferring walrus distribution and stock structure from satellite telemetry, microchemistry, and genetics Download (274 KB)
3-21-06 Final Report: Foxe Basin Bowhead telemetry, photo-id and biopsy collection Download (191 KB)
3-21-08 Final Report: Pond Inlet Arctic Char Fishery Development Research Program Download (666 KB)
3-21-10 Final Report: A team-based approach to investigate and increase the understanding of Char and Cod declines in adjacent waters to Kugluktuk, NU Download (176 KB)

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